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My offerings

I move with those who ask questions. Those who would like to embrace their unique gifts and purpose. How can I sustain an authentic life? What does my movement reveal about my purpose? How can we tell our bodies stories in a new way? Who did you come here to be?

Linda Kotin Offerings

These were the kind of questions which led me to Yoga during my stays of several years in Vietnam & Japan. Along the way, I learnt to witness and love the powerful connection of sound, breath and movement. Ultimately, however, it was the healing power of Yoga that deeply moved me and led me into an infinite space where I found my calling, my Dharma. And for the first time of my life a bone-deep and soulful sense of wholeness, healing and remembrance. I now offer guidance for others to help them achieve the same.

My offerings basically consist of movement practices as well as elemental health counseling to reclaim the connection to self and the sacred rhythms of nature which offers the greatest opportunity for perfecting our potential of healing. It is my passion and mission to help others to receive their unique medicine through body wisdom.

Embodiment and awareness are increasingly essential in times of global health crises, digitalization, and information overload where we have deferred our power to authority such as governments or institutions. This deference of sovereignty often comes at the cost of our intuition and hence, our power to discern what is good for us.