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YOGA (stress prevention)

This course is suitable for all levels and ages. The basis of this course is the practice of Viniyoga, a gentle and somatic style of yoga that serves prevention and therapeutic aspects. The focus is on body awareness and mindfulness. Agility, coordination and inner freedom are the welcome side effects of holistically practiced yoga.

Yoga offers us powerful tools to navigate through the intensity of life and build resilience. I use a holistic range of practices such as physical exercises (Asanas), meditation, breathing exercises (Pranayama), mantras or journaling for a deep encounter with yourself.

Details & registration: here

Elemental Circles

Seasonal chai & meditation ritual series

«The earth has music. For those who listen.» Shakespeare

Elemental Circles is a year-long journey where we tap into the different energies of each season to come into harmony with the seasonal rhythms. I am convinced that health, beauty and vitality can only grow within us if we surrender again to the mysteries and special qualities of the seasons and elements.

During this journey, we will explore what it means to return to our inner wisdom, to learn from nature, and re-attune to the cycles of our bodies and the earth, to listen deeply and remember to honor the sacred in all things.

Each season, we will sit together with a seasonal Chai and my "Elemental Energy Balls" to enjoy their medicine, meditate and seed our intentions for the season.

This will be a safe space to return to the timeless power of community and ritual, to receive the messages of the seasons, listen to the wisdom of our body and align with our intention. It is less about learning and more about remembering how to drop inside, into the arms of our own truth and listen deeply.

· Seasonally inspired meditation
· Journaling
· Ayurvedic seasonal Chai Latte & “Elemental Balls”
· Exchange with like-minded people
· 10% voucher for Teewerk

Who is it for?
· Anyone who yearns for community to remember together the mysteries of the seasons
· Anyone who wants to slow down and tap into their body wisdom
· Anyone who wants to live a healthy life in harmony with the 5 elements
· Anyone who feels disconnected and has the desire to re-establish intimacy with self, and nature
· And all ages & levels welcome!

Dates for 2022, Sundays 15:00 – 17:00
March 13 th (Spring, wood element)
May 29 th (Summer, fire element)
August 7 th (Late summer, earth element)
September 11 th (Autumn, metal element)
November 27th (Winter, water element)

Price: 1 year journey: 125 CHF
Drop-In: 30 CHF

Location: Teewerk Tägerwilen, Meierhofstrasse 14, 8274 Tägerwilen
Registration here

About myself
I am a passionate yoga teacher, complementary therapist, and a social entrepreneur. My healing arts repertoire includes Yoga, Yoga therapy, TCM and Ayurveda. I would like to share my passion for holistic health and accompany people on the path to a more fulfilling and soulful life.

Linda Kotin Elemental Circle
Linda Kotin Elemental Circle
Linda Kotin Elemental Circle
Linda Kotin Elemental Circle
Linda Kotin Elemental Circle