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Healing Arts

Movement is medicine that enables us to get in direct touch with deep memories, emotions and feelings – and to endure them. The more intimate we get with our bodies, the more we can heal. And not only heal but grow as we find a new language and extend our self- expression to respond to challenges with creativity. It’s about embracing possible selves. More you is greater.

To heal yourself you must know yourself. Only by understanding the past, can you make better decisions. You need full confidence to of who you are in order to share your unique gifts with the world. It is about moving past into presence into purpose.

Linda Kotin Healing Arts

Yoga therapy

In recent years, the interest in Yoga therapy has grown enormously and is increasingly finding its place in the health care system as a form of therapy. Yoga is a proven method for health prevention and for healing or alleviating health complaints on a holistic level.

The effect of Yoga, on a number of health conditions, has now been scientifically proven in many ways. Among others for:

· Back pain ·
· Anxiety ·
· Depression ·
· Insomnia ·
· Cardiovascular diseases ·
·Cancer diseases, especially the relief of side effects from cancer treatment ·

Yoga therapy is for anyone and everyone who is drawn to Yoga and wants their own program to support their concerns. No previous experience is needed.

At the moment I offer 1:1 yoga classes here:

Linda Kotin Healing Arts

Yoga therapy can help with but is not limited to:
· Physical complaints ·
· Stress-related complaints ·
· Inner restlessness ·
· Psychological impairments ·
· Conflict situations ·
· Lack of energy ·

Holistic Health Counseling is an integrative and human-centred method that focuses on unlocking the client's inner resources to solve problems, heal and achieve their goals.

Since 2019 I am in training as a Yoga therapist at the Yoga Institute for Complementary Therapy in Lucerne. I am not certified yet but happy to already share my knowledge and experience with you. The therapy course I am taking is part of Western complementary therapy, which effectively complements conventional medicine and other alternative treatments and therefore works interdisciplinary. The approach is always health-oriented, process-oriented and holistic. It applies the classical Yoga techniques, consisting of physical, breathing and mental exercises and adapts them medically and personally to the basic needs and abilities of the individual. For more infos on complementary medicine in Switzerland, check below link:

If you are interested, please contact me here and we can discuss everything else in person.

This is how I work

First, we get to know each other via a free 30min online call to discuss how sessions run and decide if we want to work together. Your concerns, goals and time possibilities will be worked out in the first session thereafter. After, I will compose an individual sequence for you which will be rehearsed and refined together. At intervals of a few weeks, your practice plan will be reviewed and further developed as required. This process enables a sustainable further development and deepening with high effectiveness. You can contact me here to schedule an appointment with me.

Linda Kotin Healing Arts

Yoga Therapy does not replace any medical, psychological or psychotherapeutic examination, diagnosis or medical treatment. For diagnosis and examination please contact the doctor of your confidence. In order to reach a state of wholeness, we need support and guidance from a wider range of healers and practitioners. I can be one of those guides for you. I can help you with your healing journey and give you the tools to support you, but you need to be the one walking the path. Change only comes with movement.