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About myself

I am deeply moved. I like to dive deep and multi-dimensionally, I like to move and to be moved. Nothing moves me more than embodying the connection with nature and its sacred rhythms. I believe we are here to heal and that our health is directly linked with the health of our planet. What I am sharing with you comes from my own experience and heart. My healing journey has guided me through years of intense struggle, and it was already at the age of 30 that I found myself at a point where running away from myself was no longer an option: I got diagnosed with stage 3b colon cancer. And cancer represented only the tip of the iceberg: it was my body’s last desperate cry to finally make me listen. But even more so, it was a blessing in disguise: From then on, I tapped into an infinite space where I became whole again and more than that: I finally got to know and love myself. For w-holy-ing is healing.

Linda Kotin Yoga

I trust the body. My being is in my moving. Learning to move slow and consciously has taught me something extremely valuable. Slow movement helped me to see and explore new paths towards solutions. And even more important to be able to do so from a place of knowing, not thinking. Inside us, in our spell of forgetfulness, longs the raw and the real. The free. For me, it was my Yoga practice which has brought me in touch with my deepest truth. Healing truly is an art. And art is always healing. And art arises from within, from being able to listen to the stories of the body.

And I trust in the sacred cycles of mother nature.They are my rhythm. And it is by moving with nature that I found true healing.. Living in rhythm with nature and in harmony with the cosmic forces infuses my life with meaning, gratitude and strength. Each season calls me to live other aspects of my feminine power, and reminds me that life is cyclic, not linear. And when you’re in time, time ceases to matter.

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About my work

I am profoundly motivated by liberation through connection to body and nature. True liberation is a result of taking responsibility for the nature of our inherent interconnection. Caring by doing my own work. Healing is always a shared act. Healing, however, is never a quick fix. Healing is an act of learning to be genuine in every moment of our life. It requires honesty to accept our feelings, courage to own them and eventually a tremendous amount of willpower and faith to outgrow them. Healing, clearly, is change. And change never happens overnight. I would also like to emphasize here that I offer an embodied work. The body in motion is the center of health and growth. Life manifests in rhythm. I am a Yogini, a somatic therapist and a social entrepreneur. My movement and healing arts background spans Yoga & Yoga Therapy, Complementary Western Medicine, Chinese 5 Elements wisdom, Ayurveda, Celtic ancient rituals and Classical Tantra. I hereby interweave my female intuitive power with knowledge and wisdom from the body. You may be interested in my former professional background that has been in sports business & product development for adidas and BLACKROLL, as well as for an underground record label, Kizen Records.

Selected qualifications

· Ongoing 4.5 years training of Complementary Medicine in Yoga Therapy (IKT Lucerne) since 2019
· 100h TT Trauma-Informed Yoga TT with Atira Tan
· 50h TT Budokon Yoga (Melayne Shayne)
· MTCs & Workshops with Dr. Ronald Steiner/AYI Yoga
· Continuing mentorship and private studies in Classical Tantric Yoga, Embodied Astrology, Meditation, Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine
· Various workshops & trainings in dance (Butoh, Tamalpa & contact improvisation)
· BA International Business
· Msc International Fashion Marketing