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Create the new, do what feels true. Be as transparent as wind, as possible as wood, as deep as water, as solid as earth, as dangerous as fire.

Healing is an everyday discipline. When we multiply the times of wellbeing, we eventually create change in a positive direction. Based on my experience, sustainable long-term healing and growth happens at home and involves extending Yoga beyond the studio and the mat into our daily life. The power of habits and rituals which shape our day-to-day life is widely acknowledged. I therefore put a lot of emphasis on integrating conscious movement to various areas of life so that life eventually and gradually becomes a moving meditation. I hereby work with seasonal Sadhanas based on TCM 5 elements theory and complementary Yoga Therapy to bring mind and body more into the rhythms of nature. Sadhana is a Sanskrit word that stands for “awakening to your true self by living in ahimsa.” That in turn means living in harmony with oneself, the cycles of nature and realizing that every aspect of our life is sacred. Sadhanas basically represent powerful everyday practices or rituals and I mainly make use of breath work, movement or talking therapy, guided meditations, and journal prompts.

Linda Kotin Holistic Health Coaching

The magic in Sadhanas lies in the fact that the more we pay attention to the moment, the more we can explore other possibilities and can take better decisions for ourselves. Conscious movement holds the key to self-knowledge and can foster clarity that helps to seize new possibilities that align with our true purpose. We can thus become the agents of our own growth, in any moment of our life.

Holistic Health Coaching

The depth of growth depends on how deep we are willing to look at ourselves. Holistic Health coaching the way I offer it takes not only the mind into account but also the physical and spiritual aspects of our being. I make use of an integrative and human-centred method that focuses on unlocking the client's inner resources to solve problems, heal and achieve their goals.

I am passionate about creating individual compositions to help release blockages, heal at the root, and facilitate you towards living a more authentic, and embodied version of yourself.
Since 2019 I am in training as a Yoga therapist at the Yoga Institute for Complementary Therapy in Lucerne. I am not certified yet but happy to already share my knowledge and experience with you. The therapy course I am taking is part of Western complementary therapy, which effectively complements conventional medicine and other alternative treatments and therefore works interdisciplinary. The approach is always health-oriented, process-oriented and holistic. It applies the classical Yoga techniques, consisting of physical, breathing and mental exercises and adapts them medically and personally to the basic needs and abilities of the individual. For more infos on complementary medicine in Switzerland, check below link:

If you are interested, please contact me here and we can discuss everything else in person.

This is how I work

First, we get to know each other via a free 30min online call to discuss how sessions run and decide if we want to work together. Your concerns, goals, and resources will be worked out in the first session thereafter. We will then together work out individual tools and Sadhanas that empower you in your daily life. At intervals of a few weeks, your practice plan will be reviewed and further developed as required. This process enables a sustainable further development and deepening with high effectiveness. You can contact me here to schedule an appointment with me.

Linda Kotin Holistic Health Coaching